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Circle of Parents Colorado

Find Your Circle

Join other parents and caregivers in your community to share support, tips and advice or just talk. This is a safe space to vent, cry, laugh, joke and find out how other parents are navigating this new world.

We’re Here For You

Parents, we’re only human and we need each other. We’re under all kinds of stress trying to raise kids to reach their full potential. It’s a lot of pressure and no one can do it alone.

Circle of Parents® provides a friendly, supportive community led by parents and other caregivers where parents are the experts.

"I’d found a group of people I could confide in, ask for advice, and relax around. Each of them had been in a similar place before, and all had something to add to the conversation.”

– a parent from Circle of Parents

"The social connections, confidence, and feedback highly improve my relationship with my children and my family. The community resources and support are priceless."

– a parent from Circle of Parents


"Attending Circle of Parents was immensely helpful to me during one of the most difficult times of my life. I'm grateful for the support, ideas for resources, and different perspectives I received from the other participants."

– a parent from Circle of Parents


“I really didn’t know how much I wanted good conversations with a group of dads! It has made me feel I’m not alone as a Father.”

– a father from Circle of Parents

Caregivers Come In All Shapes And Sizes

In addition to the General Circle of Parents® groups, there are also groups for:

    • Fathers & Male Caregivers
    • Spanish Speakers
    • Parents in Recovery
    • Kinship & Grandparents
    • Parents of Children with Special Needs
    • Expectant, New, & Expanding Families
    • …and more!
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